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Sending products in oversized packages that consist largely of air and filling material is extremely common these days. But according to Piet Vanoverbeke, Key Account Manager for Industry at Moonen Packaging, this is unacceptable in 2017. 'Smart packaging solutions not only help to achieve a significant reduction in costs and materials, they also remove a major source of irritation for recipients.'

In recent years, many online shops have focused on specialization or economies of scale. The efficient use of e-mail marketing and content marketing are helping companies to boost customer loyalty. According to Vanoverbeke, it's high time to improve customer experience, starting with smart packaging. 'Because nothing irritates customers more than a half-empty box.’
Many companies face criticism on social media from customers who aren't happy with their over-packaged products. While they’re happy the product arrived undamaged, they aren't happy that it came in an oversized box packed with filling material. Consumers are irritated by the excessive amount of packaging waste. This can and should change.'

Smart packaging
Vanoverbeke understands that online shops want to deliver early in order to rank highly in terms of customer experience. 'But they also have to take the time to select the right box and the right filling, otherwise they could still end up with unsatisfied customers. We help our clients make the right choices by offering a very wide selection of outer boxes and shipping boxes that suit their product range. Endless corrugated cardboard may not be the first thing to come to mind when you think of smart packaging materials, but an online shop owner can use a special machine to make custom outer boxes of various dimensions. This means only the necessary material is used for that particular product, and it also makes it much easier to buy and store different types of outer boxes. Making boxes out of endless corrugated cardboard means you only need one material, which helps to streamline the inventory process. Endless corrugated cardboard therefore creates savings both in terms of materials and storage space.

"Because nothing irritates customers more than a half-empty box."

Green filling material
According to Vanoverbeke, the smartest type of packaging is one that suits the product dimensions without compromising on the quality of the product or the required protection. 'The better the fit, the less filling material and air is needed. Moonen Packaging strives to reduce its use of filling material as much as possible. If, for whatever reason, filling material is required, we can use sustainable materials such as bamboo and bagasse, which consumers can dispose of in their green waste bins. Switching to green raw materials that are available in large quantities and do not pose a threat to food production can be a time-consuming process,' says Vanoverbeke. 'Fortunately,' he adds, 'supply chains for mycelium, maize, bagasse, and other green waste are being created for sustainable packaging. As the European leader in sustainable packaging, we can help our clients navigate this global supply chain.'

Moonen Packaging offers smart packaging solutions that help to achieve significant cost and material savings. 'Just think of the savings you can achieve by streamlining your logistics processes or using more efficient packaging.' says Vanoverbeke.


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