What about legislation on packaging and disposables?

The question seems simple. It's about laws and regulations. Then you might also expect a simple, clear, black and white answer. Unfortunately, that is not the case. There are rules, but there are also guidelines. The rules are mandatory. The guidelines are strict, but not mandatory (yet). Are you still following it? One thing is certain. We're moving toward closed cycles of (renewable) resources in the future.

Regulations are required by law. Especially for packaging that comes in contact with food, several regulations apply. In the Netherlands, packaging and packaging materials fall under the Commodities Act. An important regulation that will go into effect shortly is the SIngle Use Plastic (SUP) ban, but there will also be changes in the area of packaging administration.

Many of the laws and regulations aim to reduce litter. As a leader in sustainable packaging, Moonen Packaging endorses the need to reduce litter in nature. That is why we keep our customers informed about the latest news on waste regulations here.

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