Working with us is like having your own packaging manager at your disposal. You get used to it very quickly. Together with various disciplines and people, he will work for savings in your organisation.

We don't just save money for you. Our packaging solutions also make your colleagues happy. Because our packaging managers cleverly integrate them into the logistics, marketing and operations of your organisation. This offers opportunities for colleagues in other departments to benefit from savings. You get them from us.

Our packaging managers make them transparent and show you how you can save costs by working more efficiently. In these three steps, we serve you with a total solution tailored to your needs:

  1. Embrace
  2. Develop
  3. Deliver

So team up with Moonen. Choose a cooperation in which we bring out the best in each other.



Openness of business is the basis. From day one after our introduction, Moonen therefore works on your trust. By telling you openly, honestly and directly how you can benefit with us. To do this, we like to get to know your business extensively and put our finger on your exact needs. We sit down as a partner next to your buyers and logistics managers. Will you trust us and choose for this openness? Then we will reward you with a hefty dose of added value that we create for you. And we can show you substantial savings that you might overlook.


With your needs identified, our packaging managers develop a strong total concept. A proposal that makes connections at the right places in your organization. So well thought-out that you won't want to do anything else. That's why we dare to let you go. Free, to also ask other suppliers for their offer.
We trust that you will not overlook our role as chain director, our expertise in green entrepreneurship and compostable packaging when you look over the fence. We are not afraid to be compared. It makes your choice for Moonen all the more a conscious one.

Best packaging


What you choose is a total concept for your packaging needs. As efficient as possible: with just-in-time delivery, stock delivery per branch and stock storage. In addition, together with you we develop a long-term vision for your packaging. Sometimes you have to let go of your purchasing vision and the focus on fixed costs. We show you that your own openness reveals all kinds of hidden savings, spread throughout your organization. That's the advantage of having your own packaging manager. If you are already satisfied, remember that we will regularly review your total concept. If it is cheaper or more efficient, you will hear from us immediately. Fair is fair, you can expect the same from us.

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