It's time for efficiency in your packaging operation

New year, new beginnings. A perfect opportunity to review your packaging performance and to things differently then in 2016... like saving more costs in your packaging operation.  Are you aware of the hidden costs in your packaging operation?


Faster packing
Assembling your packaging may be costing you time. Switching to fast-packing solutions such as crash-lock boxes can help you increase packing speed by as much as 30%! These innovative boxes do not require taping and are very easy to assemble, which will help you save on packaging materials and assembly time.

Less damage and returns
Returns could cost your business; inadequate packaging will not prevent product damage. Using the correct packaging can help to protect your products and your brand, saving you time and money that can be spent more effectively elsewhere. Make sure your packaging is suitable for its job, and always use the right amount of packaging.
Do not stay in your comfort zone if your current packaging does not deliver the results you want. There are many innovative packaging solutions on the market such as Airsac inflatable packaging and the Korrvu boxes range that will help you ship fragile or expensive items with confidence.

Optimised storage space
Is your packaging taking too much space in your warehouse? Could you do something more productive with this space? Evaluating your packaging and warehousing can help identify savings across your entire operation. Consider storing your products and packaging with a stock and drip feed service provider. Not only will you reduce the storage space for materials, you may also decrease your renting costs, and benefit from an improved cash flow.

Online ordering
Online purchasing can transform the speed and efficiency of your packaging. It will help you reduce your inventory costs and ensure you always have the right products exactly when and where they are needed. You will also minimise the amount of paperwork and administration that adds to your business costs.

Need packaging advice?
The packaging experts of Moonen Packaging can help you to identify the hidden costs in your packaging operation and make recommendations to improve your packaging efficiency in 2017.


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