The hidden costs of your packaging operation

At NovuPak we understand that pan-European organizations are always looking for innovative solutions to streamline their operations and reduce their operational costs.

When it comes to reduce packaging costs, many companies simply take into consideration the total amount they spend in products (boxes, tapes, pallets, proptective packaging) and oversee other areas where they can make greater savings while improving the overall efficiency of their packaging operation.

Our total cost of ownership approach to packaging switches our focus from discussing the prices of individual products to an overall view  at the cost of your packaging operation.

​NovuPak can provide a complete packaging solution that will increase your company profitability in the long term by reducing hidden costs related to packaging:

- ​Storage costs
Our partner network will grant you access to over 100.000 sq metres of storage warehouses in 43 locations across Europe. Our storage and stock management solutions will allow you to free up valuable storage space minimising your packaging stock levels in the knowledge that we will deliver your packaging products where and when required.

- Transport costs
Our packaging experts will study your packaging needs and make sure you are using the right package for your product. Reducing the size and weight of your packaging is a great way to save on storage and shipping costs.​

- Productivity
By focusing on product and process our innovative approach focuses on solving problems with packaging solutions that deliver speed, accuracy and product integrity.

- Damages and returns
We will help you find the right packaging to protect your products, and protect your brand. Our packaging experts will challenge any areas within your supply chain where there are damages and returns and offer corrective solutions.

If you want know more about how NovuPak can help you reduce the total cost of your packaging operation contact us today.

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