Reduce storage cost across Europe

Evaluating your packaging and warehousing in your European sites can reduce your storage costs and cause knock-on savings across your whole operation.

For example, a 1200x1000m pallet requires approximately 4 square meters of storage space. Think of how many pallets do you need for your European
‚Äčoperation and multiply it. This means a lot of warehouse space and that costs money.

The first stop to understand the cost of your storage operation and how it is affecting your total European packaging spend is to ask yourself a few basic questions: 

  • How much space is being taken up by packaging?
  • How much cash is being tied up in this stock?
  • How much of your packaging stock gets damaged while it’s being stored?‚Äč

NovuPak, as a Pan-European full line supplier of packaging products and services, knows that a close look at your packaging operation will result in significant savings on your storage cost across Europe.

Here are some ideas that will help your company reduce storage costs resulting in real savings: 

Reduce Size and Weight
Using the right size and specification of package for your product means you’ll use less in-fill materials (saving more money) and use space better, both within the warehouse (saving on costly floor space) and in delivery vehicles (reducing the space each product takes up).

Providing well-packaged products will help to enhance your brand’s reputation, whereas excess packaging in an environmentally conscious world can have a damaging, negative effect.
Reducing the size of your packaging doesn't mean you have to compromise on protection and risk product damage. Finding alternative packaging designs will help you maintain and, in many cases, improve your product and brand protection.

Rethink your Inventory Management
NovuPak, operating from more than 45 locations in 12 different European countries, is ideally placed to help you optimize your warehouse spaces while reducing the total cost of your packaging operations.Some of the packaging services we offer in this area are:

Just In Time (JIT) Production, where we will supply you with the packaging materials you need, when you need them, and in the amount needed. 

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Service. We will have access to your inventory data and we will be responsible for maintaining your inventory and generating purchase orders. You will have the right packaging materials, at the right time.

Outsource your Warehousing Needs

NovuPak can help you transform your warehouses into flexible spaces that respond quickly and efficiently to changing needs and business growth, increasing efficiency across Europe and ultimately resulting in savings.

Whether you’re short of storage space or you want to improve cash flow within the business, out-sourcing the storage of your products and packaging is a viable alternative.

Contact our Sales Manager Europe Roel Verbinnen today to learn more on how NovuPak can help you reducing your total packaging cost.

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