All you need to know about labels

Labelling is a world of many possibilities. Each application requires its own combination of front material, colour, and adhesive in order to work properly. When choosing from a wide selection of labels, it can be challenging to find out which one can better suit your needs.

Before ordering your label there are a few questions you need to consider:

    Where will your label be used?
    Where will it be applied?
    How will it be applied.

Labels are built on three layers:

- Front Material - the area where picutres, texts or other information is printed.
- Adhesive - depending on the application it can be permanent or removable.
- Liner - is a paper or plastic based film sheet that protects the sticky surface until its application.

Things to check before ordering your labels:

- Purpose - Where will your label be used?
- Material - Where will it be applied? Metal, glass, paper...
- Adhesive - Should it be permanent or renovable?
- Resitance - Which elements will the label be exposed to?
- Format - Size and shape of your label.
- Delivery - On roll (in and outsise diameter), sheet or zigzag.
- Design - How many colours? Gloss or mat finish?
- Application - Before or after the package is filled with contents?


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