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Endless corrugated cardboard

An increasing number of web shops today are choosing to have their deliveries packaged with smart packaging. As  Key Account Manager Industry, I have noticed that more and more companies in the industrial sector are “waking up” and deciding to implement smarter, more efficient packaging solutions. An important part of this solution is the choice of carton. In this blog, I will explain the benefits of a smart packaging material: endless corrugated cardboard.  You will save money in the industrial packaging process with the use of this material.

Savings and costs at-a-glance
Endless corrugated cardboard may not immediately be the first first material that comes to mind when you are considering all the options in smart packaging material. But this it the one material that is guaranteed to save you money. It has been known for some time that endless corrugated cardboard is an ideally suited packaging material for oblong goods. Creating custom-made cardboard boxing in a whole range of sizes is also possible using the right machinery, which will reduce the material needed.

This makes purchasing and storing the various cardboard boxes much more convenient. When you choose endless corrugated cardboard, you only have one sort of material and this makes the management of your inventory much simpler.
The result: savings in material costs as well as storage space.

Unique opportunity for your industry
Today, optimising small web shop packaging is extremely important, especially when shipping large industrial products in non-efficient packaging is still wide-spread. Endless corrugated cardboard is easy to use and in most cases, ideally suited for packaging your products. Depending on the contents of your packages, you may also still be required to use a filling material. In principle, this will now no longer be needed  because the goods have been packaged so carefully. 

The furniture industry has made extensive use of packaging with endless corrugated cardboard. We also see that other distribution centres are also increasingly switching over. 

Would you like to know what the advantages of using smart, endless corrugated cardboard will be for your packaging process? Please feel free to contact Piet Vanoverbeke, Key Account Manager Industry at Moonen Packaging, or use our contact form to get more information.

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