Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As a chain director, we apply a sustainable packaging policy. We aim for a valuable cooperation with our customers. We do this by thinking along with you proactively. We think along in the design, management and distribution of food and non-food packaging, packaging materials, hygiene products and disposables. We are constantly looking for new solutions that are both innovative and sustainable. The world around us is changing rapidly and we need to accelerate. Our CSR policy has helped us to realize a structure in which we continuously pay attention to people and the environment. A sustainable organization, where we assume that the continuity of People, Planet and Profit is guaranteed. We see the future very brightly. Even in these difficult times you see that companies are focusing more and more on sustainability. That is our expertise. And that goes beyond a sustainable raw material for your packaging. We believe that true sustainability starts with sparing precious resources. We consume more than 1.7 times the earth's capacity. This means that our earth cannot recover from our presence. We believe that things must and can be done differently.

For more than 15 years our focus has been on being green and respectful of the planet. In Europe, we are the leader in compostable packaging, based on renewable raw materials. Anyone who works with us will notice that saving is not less, but more. Working with Moonen means working with the greenest company in the Netherlands, winner of the 3rd Lean & Green Star in sustainable logistics.  We set our sights higher and higher, together with you. Express your ambition and let us save together. On nature, and on your bill.



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